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In subjective experience, the webcomic medium tells a story and this usually is the main purpose of the comic; focusing on what a story can tell with language as well as images. Usually the emphasis is on written language that may be found within the visual components of each page which creates a comprehensive storyline.

Quad Space does not share this purpose. Rather than place the emphasis on the language itself, it explores the visual component of webcomics through the visual elements and principles of design to communicate the varying theme that captures the Authorís fascination. Other purposes may be derived from the comic itself but the point of this comprehensive piece is to explore the two dimensional space over a period of time.

QUAD SPACE and all of the contents of this page are (C) Kristina Foster, 2008. All rights reserved.
QUAD SPACE is hosted on a the fabulous ComicGenesis, a free webhosting service for webcomics everywhere.

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